What Masons Do for Christmas

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    By: Kevin Noel Olson, (22) PM
    Source: http://www.grandlodgemontana.org/mmn/mmn2009-12december.pdf

    A friend and I strode the Stroll December,
    “What do Masons do for Christmas?â€
    We saw a child walking with his feet in braces.
    “That child for instance, we help such cases.â€
    My friend nodded and prodded me forward.
    “In Shrine hospitals? Is there much more?â€
    “Our York Rite Eye Foundation helps many to see,
    And our Scottish Rite gives to many, speech.â€
    My friend sipped his steaming chocolate, “Is that all?†he chided.

    “What of it?†“Is that all?†Was it not enough?
    “Oh, we do all kinds of other...stuff.â€
    We walked past the Christmas tree.
    “What do the Masons do for community?â€
    “Scholarships for college we gift,
    To give young students a lift.â€
    “You wonder,†my friend to me turned,
    “Why I ask what makes your heart burn?â€
    “What is it that Masons for you do,
    That gives such pride to such as you?â€
    I look up at the Christmas lights,
    Each one ever burning bright.
    “What do Masons do you ponder?â€

    “For myself, I can but wonder.â€
    “We do these things,†I meekly mumbled.
    “They make me proud, yet I am humbled.â€
    “You see the lights upon the tree? They alone offer no beauty.â€
    “Each represents a boy who walks,
    A man who sees, a girl who talks.
    A student makes himself better.
    Even becomes a man of letters.â€
    “All together, Masons do great work.
    We learn our duty to man, not to shirk.
    Those lights are people like me and you,
    That is what the Masons do.â€
    “We improve ourselves and thus the world,
    When we stand together a light’s ufurled.
    Not just this season but daily too,
    On Christmas this is what Masons do.â€​

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