Whence came you?

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    Greetings brothers I am a newly E.A. my mother and grandmother are listed in my signature may the
    G.A.O.T.U. rest , rule , & , abide with us all ..

    Bro. R.Pierce (P.H.A.)
    Friendly Lodge #436 F&.A.M.
    M.W.U.G.L.of.FL , P.H.A
  2. BongC

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    Warmest Greetings Brothers.. This is Bong Catangay from Macario Ramos Memorial Lodge #355 under the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines. I was raised last 23 July 2013. I am learning a lot in this forum. Kudos to the Administrators, Moderators and also to all forum members.

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  3. 83cross

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    My Name is Jonathan Seridon I just want to introduce my self as a new member on this site and as a new Master Mason, I have raised as MM last December 2013 from the Land of Shinar Military Lodge #213
    MWPHGL of OK and Jurs, Dist. 17Dubai, UAE . We are the first class in Dubai and we are still in the process of learning more on masonic education.

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