Why the Holy Saints John?

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    Why did Freemasonry select the Holy Saints John as their patron saints rather than Saint Thomas, who is the eminent patron of architecture and building?

    According to Albert Bede, (3-5-7 Minute Talks on Freemasonry, Macoy Publishing Co,), adoption of the saints by Freemasonry far antedates the first Grand Lodge of 1717. Many of the Operative Lodges had been dedicated to the Baptist and a few to the Evangelist. The Baptist seems to have come into Freemasonry well in advance of the Evangelist. It may be significant that the first Grand Lodge was formed at a meeting held on the Festival of Saint John the Baptist.

    Thereafter London Lodges were dedicated to the two Saints John, and continued to be until the union of 1813, since when they have been dedicated to Solomon. The festival of the English Lodges has since been changed to the Wednesday after St. George’s Day.

    American Lodges have continued the custom brought from England in colonial times, paying no attention to changes made by the English Lodges and continue to observe the festival of the two Saints John.

    “History does not tell us why the Saints John were selected as the patron saints of Freemasonry. Whatever the facts may be, surely it is in accordance with the fitness of things that we honor these two names, John the Baptist, the stern prophet of righteousness, and John the Evangelist, the teacher of Love.

    Righteousness and Love–those two words do not fall short of telling the whole duty of a man and a Mason.” (Joseph Fort Newton)
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