Winter Texan returning home.

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    Tomorrow Rita and I shall hook our 5th wheel trailer to our truck and head back North to our home of Prince Edward Island, Canada. We have been here in Corpus Christi since November. We survived a very unusually cold winter and now that things are getting nice and comfy we are heading back where they had one of the most mild winters in the old timers memory..... go figure!
    I would like to thank all the Masons in the Great State of Texas for making our visits so enjoyable. I would like at the same time apologize to my Brothers of Del Mar Lodge here in Corpus Christi for not visiting them this season. Sometimes when you lay something down it takes a long time to pick it back up again. That's exactly what happened this winter...I didn't get to the very first meeting and that created a trend for the whole time here.
    After spending three winters here in CC we have come to the time of 'Moving on' and we shall find ourselves in the Mission area next winter. We'll be staying at Bentsen Grove RV Resort which I find is not too far away from Mission Lodge. I shall be bringing Bro. Rankin with me so he shall push this old bugger to Lodge. So hope to meet the Brethren of Mission Lodge.
    Again , Thank you! to the Brothers of Del Mar Lodge for the past several years.
    I would like to remember my Brothers at Richardson Lodge who I Love and remember so well. How well you looked after Rita and I when we visited Grand Lodge Annual in Waco a few years ago.
    Yours Fraternally;
    V.W. Tom G. Offer
    Hiram & Lebanon Lodge #3 GLPEI
    Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Grand Rep. for the GL of Texas in PEI.
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