Working Tools

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    If you would be a mason true,
    In prayer and labour now engage,
    apportion right,
    O brother,
    then apply the Gage.

    Divest your mind of thoughts impure,
    The mysteries of the mind unravel,
    Your bodies make a temple of God,
    O brother,
    then take up the Gavel.

    To educate the mind and heart,
    And understand the symbolism,
    The duties to your God and man,
    O brother,
    then employ the Chisel.

    All men in the sight of God Alike and equal,
    none should marvel,
    Your entrance into life proves this,
    So meet your brother on the Level.

    Your line of conduct,
    based on Truth Can never then succumb,
    Avoid those acts God would disown,
    O brother,
    then apply the Plumb.

    The Working Tools are made to use,
    If you the future would prepare,
    O brother,
    then apply yourself,
    And set your life upon the Square.

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