Young County Masonic Lodge #485 Host 2nd Annual Great Turkey Smoke-Out

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  1. On Wednesday December 21, the members, spouses, kids, and grandkids of Young County Masonic Lodge #485 in Graham, TX hosted their 2nd annual Great Turkey Smoke-Out.

    Masons and Family began [​IMG]gathering at the Lodge Hall at 3:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon December 20th. From 3:00 to around the 7:00 hours Masons and Family prepped and cleaned as well as began the brining process of 100 turkeys. Beginning at 5:30 am on Wednesday morning everyone came together again to light the fires and begin the process of smoking 100 turkeys. By 7:45 pm on Wednesday evening all turkeys had been smoked and picked up and/or delivered throughout Graham.

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