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  • just got your message! sad to say ill be working tonight so that doesnt give my boss much notice. when will the next meeting be? that way i can be sure to take off an evening to be there! lookin forward to your response and to meeting you as well!

    JW, I am flattered that you tell my story. Maybe some of the brothers can get a chuckle or two. My blog is Charles Martin's Blog. Iraq, Afghanistan and Freemasonry I have visited only one Texas lodge, Fraternity #1111 in El Paso. I was on the way to Saudi Arabia, and I caught the plane in El Paso!

    I am delighted and touched, that you and your lodge are donating the items. The guys here, just love to read!
    i am not a 32 degree mason, not even a mason yet... i just found a lodge that i am going to go petition to, they both are AF & i will hope for the best and see what happens...
    hey brother, yeah i like to do alot of reading.. i mostly like the older stuff... i have a 52 book set thats dated to 1952... its stuff like plato, shakespear, arisototle etc... its a good set..... history and religion get me goin lol....
    I am doing well brother, hope all is well with you. I have been busy with school trying to graduate. I attend St. Mary's University in San Antonio and graduating in about 3 weeks with a degree in Philosophy. It has been a while since we talked. I plan to attend the Grand Master's Official Visit at Alamo Lodge No. 44 in San Antonio as well as at the Alamo I think. I don't think that I will be able to attend Grand Lodge this year because I have finals that week. Do you have facebook? I am usually on there a lot more than this website.
    "Hey, Pop! Looks like I amounted to something after all." Xerxes

    jwhoff, it would be a pleasure to count you as a friend. RedTemplar
    Hey brother, everything is going fine and well, sorry it took me so long to respond. I have finished with the MM proficiency and advancing my studies in York and Scottish Rite eventually but still remain active in blue lodge. Still trying to find answers though, how have you been?
    JW, thanks for the correct words. I am musically illiterate and appreciate your offering. I am not a fan of any particular music, its all background noise to me.
    Hello, Brother Jim!
    Happy to have you here... (Been holdin' a spot for ya!).
    Welcome to the forum!
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