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Brad pitt?

Todd M. Stewart

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Everyone knows you are a member of the Illuminati and are covering for him. We know. Hell, you even own an R5 astromech. It is in your signature.
* Conclusive proof given*
*Case Closed*
*Goes to Conspiracy Site *
*Reveals Winter is Grand Master of Illuminati*
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I'm a Perfect Pontiff. Get it right!


People have wayyy to much time on their hands.


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We put the fluoride in the Popeye's Spicy Chicken sandwiches. ;)
My Grade forbids me from telling you my Grade. Or which chicken sammich I eat.
Apparently it is a great evil and to weaken us. My Victorian teeth disagree :)
But the problem is that anyone can buy a masonic ring, and parade around with it. Untill that person is called out on it. Then again we don't have a member's directory that we can check to see who is really who.