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    A Favor From Some Kind Brothers

    Hello brethren, My name is Anthony Bolding and I am a 19 year old MM who hasn't been able to make it to the lodge (Onion Creek Lodge #220# in a while. This is because I have moved up North because I am a student at the Art Institute #Audio Production Bachelor's of Science) and it is...
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    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    YOU WILL brother
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    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    Update! I read in my Dad's obituary when he was in the military he was a member of a Prince Hall Lodge. I was amazed behond anything to hear that!
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    The Time Will Come Soon

    I am an 18 year old MM and I will be 19 on September 2nd. When I accumulate the money I am going to join the SR. How many times do they meet.
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    Best Antivirus?

    I work with computers, that's my job. I recommend Avira. It is free and you can also buy the premium one. It works really well and mozilla is a great browser to get. I would not recommend internet explorer.
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    Masonic Wedding

    Ha ha
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    lodge size

    Welcome brother mine is almost 500 and around 60-150 per meeting.
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    Masonic Quiz

    Thank you for your enlightenment. Now I can even understand it better!
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    Which one was the most diffcult?

    Its not that ea was hard but it was time consuming and took dedication. It discouraged me a little when I found out how many questions there were but I stuck with it. The ea really test if you want to really be a master or not. The other degrees are just fun and much more understandable. What's...
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    Masonic Quiz

    The time period in your life when you know your going to die. It is when your life is coming to an end.
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    A gift for a brother, help please.

    Hi and congratulations. I know you'll love it. I again agree with everyone else. You should get him a pocket knife with the square and compasses which can be found on amazon. Or a shirt pin. Or a hat. Congratulations again brother.
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    Osama Bin Laden is Dead

    Well we can all learn from him how not to live life. Because people are happy when he died. When I go above I want people to be happy for me but not happy I'm gone!
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    is it required to be initiated to learn the mysteries?

    You can't learn what masonry is to you without being a part of it.
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    EA's and the Book

    I have one but it is to learn the questions so I can teach. Do I really need it? No, but it can help sometimes.