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  • Well I'm in the door at least, in my work. Between the work i want to do(my ea work), and the work I have to do(my job), and college I have Brain Pain's. However I have never let a closed door stop me from opening new ones. Other than that I feel pretty good. I am healthy and quit smoking last week. To tell ya the truth I got a lot happening now that I read this. How have you been brother, hope all is well?
    Hello Brother, as far as I know around 6:30 - 7pm but I have not heard anything specific.
    Hey there Brother! Looks like we are trying to schedule my FC degree on Monday, hope you can be threre.
    Brother Billy, Just wanted to say hi and hope all is well. I finally have some days off and ready to get back to the forums. Had great practice at my lodge last thursday.
    Brother bgs942, Hope everything is well with you. I have been working all weekend 12 hour shifts. I get one day off, and then three more twelve hour nights. Hopefully, I will get next weekend off for a little time to get things in order. I have wet firewood in the bed of my truck that needs to get out today, and at the same time my next college class begins today. So I guess I am kinda busy now, But I didn't notice it that much until I write it down. Have a great day and sorry for the delay.:001_cool::11:
    :thumbdown:Good, how about yourself. Had to go back to work in the slush... Seems like it was a day that would not end...
    Brother, the best person to ask any question relating to the iPhone application is Blake. I have not had the "pleasure" of ever owning an Apple product. I have worked in and around the Android version of the software, but I have not run accross any errors.
    Charles Vines, Charles Vines, hmm the only Charles that I can recal that is active in Grand Prairie Chapter & Council is Charles Blackburn. Maybe he is over at Arlington?
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