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Bro. Stewart P.M.

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  • Sir, Can you explain why Grand lodge of Texas not recognizing brothers from PH Washington juridistion, mean PH are not brothers with not PH Texans masons? Thank you.
    Dear sir am working in Doha qatar and I would like to join the family and need help on how to join from here and is there anyone here that can help me out.
    Thanks Denis
    Are you Tech Alum?
    Bro. Stewart P.M.
    Bro. Stewart P.M.
    Not sure how I missed this post, my apologies.

    I was born and raised in Lubbock, not Alumni but might as well be. I have 1 sister, 1 brother in law, 1 sister in law, and 2 nieces who are Tech Alumni.
    Josh Pruitt
    Josh Pruitt
    I was born and raised here as well. Well.. I was born in Post. But have lived all but 6 of my 32 years in Lubbock. Graduated from Coronado in '02.
    greeting sir. please i really wanna become a member of this brotherhood , i have been been looking for a means on how to join for years now but all my effort was abortive, please i need your assistance please help a brother who is willingly to become one of your group please ,
    I'm a promising young man and I have been looking for means to become a Mason and I found this through one of the sites I've searched for in finding out ways to become a Mason. Please help me with the required information and rudiments to becoming a Mason. I am from Nigeria but I am a business in Ghana, Africa
    Hello Sir,
    I am from DR Congo am actually willing to join a Lodge in Lubumbashi city, unfortunately i have no address and i know no one to ''Ask'' for petition of admission
    can you please send me an address or contact
    My private e-mail address is

    Thank you, hopping to hear from you
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    Bro. Stewart P.M.
    Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Unfortunately I personally can offer no real suggestions to you for an answer to the question. My suggestion is that you re-post your question above within a new thread, in the International Freemasonry section of this site...
    Sir, I am currently an EA but on my info page where it asks "Are you a Master Mason" the answer is yes. I must have done this by mistake but can not figure how to edit the page. Can you help me?
    Bro. Stewart P.M.
    Bro. Stewart P.M.
    The only way to completely edit your user profile is to do so online via computer. The profile modifications are fairly limited by the mobile application.
    Thank you, Brother.
    I've been insanely busy, working two jobs for the last few months, and then I decided to relocate to California. It's been a whirlwind, I tell you.
    I hope to be active, both here, and in the local Lodges. And I'd like to guest-preach in the hot tub, as well.

    I hope all is well with you and your ladies. Take care, Brother.
    Brother Stewart...thank you for your welcome almost a year ago. I was using the mobile version and it wasn't allowing me to reply to messages.

    I appreciate your comment. I understand your not being able to attend. Hey, I will still see you at the lodge. I was really impressed with how many brothers from the other two lodges participated in my degree. That showed me the unity of the brotherhood. I am very excited having Kurt as my mentor. He really helped me last Thursday evening.
    Sorry I haven't been on here in a while.. but i'm pretty sure you know how busy i've been.
    thanks i look forward to learning and growing in the craft as well as meeting new brothers!!!
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