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Blake Bowden
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    Thank you for activating the account .....
    cpmorgan2 & cpmorgan
    This may be a glitch in the program but both myself and my youngest son was invited to join. I'm cpmorgan and my son is cpmorgan2. For some reason his posts are appearing on my user name. His user name is not appearing at all on the Member List section of this forum. Is there a reason for this and can you tell me how to correct this problem.
    No brother thank you for your service to the site. I have a few ideas you may want to kick around to raise money for the site. Just hit me up on email and I would be glad to let you know my ideas.
    Hey. I heard you had a nice turnout for come and take it. Wish I had made it over on my motorcycle.
    I got a message on facebook from Bro. Richard Vickery. He needs access to the Sanctum Sanctorum.
    well, I don't know that much about it..... but it didn't seem like you were asking for that big of a thing....
    Ok, so when are you going to have it back online?
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