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Nov 9, 2012
Feb 14, 2010
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Nov 9, 2012
    1. h.d blanchett
      h.d blanchett
      my blackberry is messed up i have to go to town to get on but i can recieve messages
    2. h.d blanchett
      h.d blanchett
      thank you so much his mother was eastern star he was the other
    3. Dave in Waco
      Dave in Waco
      Hanging out with Brother Sam is always a party. Plus it's great for picking up women. "Have you met Sam? I mean General Houston. I mean Governor Houston. I mean President Houston." lol

      I should be around here somewhere in April around the Scottish Rite get together, so yes, we'll have to meet up.
    4. jwhoff
      Brother Dave,

      Can't help but noticing you are doing a lot of hanging around with Brother Sam the last few weeks. I asked his great grandson how often he picked up the tab or paid for a cup of coffee a few years back. He said not often lately. Although all was not well. Sam the 4th had to wait his turn to inherit the title.

      Sam IV was not a mason at that time. Don't know his situation at this time.

      We'll have to make a point to meet each other at the Scottish Rite get together in Waco in April.

      Hope to see you then.
    5. Timothy Fleischer
      Timothy Fleischer
      Is this the brother I met in Salado during the Scottish Games?
      If so, please add me as a friend here.

      Tim Fleischer
      Salado Lodge #296 AF&AM
    6. Hippie19950
      Bro. Dave, Thanks for the information. I will make contact, and see what I can find out. I really appreciate the help. If down this way, be sure to look some of us up. We are practicing to put on a couple of E.A. Degrees here, and will have a date soon. Maybe come down for that.
      Paul "Hippie" munsel
      979-412-6722 Cell
    7. Dave in Waco
      Dave in Waco
      Thank you Bro. Paul. I pass through Hearne everytime I go to visit family down in the Houston area. I'll have to make it a point to come down there and visit you. I will inquire with my Lodge Secretary. He's also the Senior PM of our District having been WM in '72, so it's possible he may have even known Bro. Porter. We have a work night scheduled for Wednesday night, so I'll have a good chance to pick his brain then. Have you had a chance to ask at Grand Lodge?

      Dave Johnson
    8. Hippie19950
      Welcome to the Forum Bro. Dave. I am just South of you in Hearne, down Hwy. 6 towards Bryan/College Station. I am Junior Warden of Golden Rule 361 in Hearne. Come see us when you can. Stated Meeting is 2nd Thursday. Now, I'm also looking for information on a Brother who may have passed on, but was Raised in Waco from info I have. His name is Edwin Ewell Porter. He was Raised to Master Mason Nov. 24, 1961. Can you ask, and see if anyone knows/knew him? I have a Bible that was presented to him, and would like to get it to family if they want it.
      Paul "Hippie" Munsel
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    David Johnson
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