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  1. japool

    New MWSA site

    Look me up at the 64th MWS Stated Meeting on the 26th. I'm sure I'll be in the kitchen.
  2. japool

    Masonic Themed Tattoo

    It's not a bullet hole. Think back to what all happened when you were raised.
  3. japool

    More of a rant..

    Get used to it, Masonic "time" moves by very slowly. It takes some time to get anything done in Masonry, nothing is ever really rushed. As soon as I realized and accepted that fact, I truly learned the lesson of Patience. It has really helped me in my life, and it can help you in yours if you...
  4. japool


    Could we send at least one representative to all four?
  5. japool


    SO MOTE IT BE! Let's get visiting!
  6. japool

    TMRC Family Day

    Anyone going to be out there today? This is my first one, and I'm pretty stoked about going today. For the non-Texans, the GLOT puts on an annual Family Day at our Masonic Retirement Center.
  7. japool

    Having your light taken

    I agree.
  8. japool

    Having your light taken

    That was uncalled for.
  9. japool

    New Wallpapers

    I really like the style of these wallpapers. I guess they are antique parchment style, I guess? Thanks for making them, I'm definitely going to use.
  10. japool

    What's for dinner?

    One big happy family!
  11. japool

    What's for dinner?

    30-40, or more depending on what's going on that evening. We also have a lot of spouses that eat with us, and maybe some kids, so those numbers are not all Masons.
  12. japool

    What's for dinner?

    We don't charge for meals either, but we sure put out a donation bucket.
  13. japool

    What's for dinner?

    Our Lodge has budgeted $250 per stated meeting meal. I am the Senior Steward, and I spend between $200 and $250. We take in at least $100 in contributions. We also have 2 potlucks, and the OES feeds us 1 month. With the extra, we try to have something, nothing big, as a snack for Floor School...
  14. japool

    Four Word Story

    ancient spyglass that was
  15. japool

    Florida Presenting English Certificates?

    That is an absolutely great looking certificate. I wish that the Masonic Diploma you can order from the GLOTexas looked that good. I ordered mine and I was a bit underwhelmed. I still have it framed and on my wall though. I'm very proud of it, and what it represents. Sent From My...