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  • No sir, I don't believe I'd had the pleasure yet. I live in the DFW area and unfortunately haven't been in the Houston area for a long time. :)
    Dear jwhoff, your comment about seeing change coming is halfway accurate. I know that I have participated in some of the changes because I have been present for them, especially in southern states where I hold my membership.

    Though our fraternity in America is progressing in a positive direction, we as Freemasons still could do more to revert back to the brotherhood that our forebears exhibited.

    I'll keep pushing from my end in my many travels, and I know I AM a well-traveled Freemason. lol


    Hey buddy,

    Hows it going? just wanted to say thanks for the prayers. I am still having a hard time, and really still down. I am still hanging in there, and keeping my head high.

    bro mike
    Re: footnotes. Nowadays MS Word has a powerful "Reference" capability. You just fill out a form for each reference, and tell Word what footnoting/bibliographic style this particular paper is--the computer formats it all. Footnoting and bibliography is a few clicks.

    And, it remembers all the citations you've done so you can reuse them on subsequent papers/.

    Bro. Hoff.

    Just noticed that you are in the Tomball area. One of my newest MMs just relocated to Tomball from Port Washington. He is looking to get settled and then bring his family down after school is out. I'll drop him a line and tell him about your Lodge. He just got his girls involved in Job's Daughters and now they are going to have to regroup and hopefully get involved with Rainbow Girls.

    Good luck on your pickle decision.

    Hey Brother, how have you been? I haven't been on here in a while, but we should catch up sometime
    Making some solid progress. The guys come over my house next week to speak with us!
    i joined the Dallas Valley. It's been a great experience so far, but I still have one more day of degrees to witness. IMHO, it's already been worth it.
    Hello Brethren, pleased to be on board. Thanks to jwhoff for the friend request. I can't yet send PM's so in answer to is enquiry, my user name certainly sounds French- but in actual fact, the former part is the name of a small hamlet in my part of Scotland.
    Hello Brother,

    The easiest way to pay by credit card would be to setup a paypal account and link your card to it. It is safe and easy, I have both my checking and credit linked, it was a cinch. I do not have any other way of taking a card unfortunately, the other option would be to send me a check directly. Once I get it, I will cash the check and then mail your DVD directly.
    Thanx for asking! I'm from Denham Springs, LA. I've been in Houston (or near) since 1995.

    Yeah, I was kinda pressed into finishing the esoteric work because I was working on a temporary contract for FEMA and the job was running down to the end. I knew the FEMA Site Manager (bro mason) and I think I would have been intimidated to complete the work in a lodge without knowing anyone.

    Does the GLoTX Library have a website with an online store?

    Thanks, and it'll be great to meet you as well as other bretheren that are on here!

    JW, We got the items! Thanks so much! I distributed them to the soldiers and sailors here (I am on a Navy-administered project). Your kindness and generosity, is in the finest traditions of Masonry. The troops here love to read!
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