A Mason's Faith

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  1. By Brother Jay Cole Simser

    Is Masonry a religion?
    Not a religion.
    But a man must have faith.
    A Mason’s trust is in his God.

    He first came to the Lodge,
    Was asked to kneel —
    A Brother prayed for him.
    Another walked with him,
    Never alone —
    Always upright like the Plumb,
    Trusting in the Brother and his God.

    He walked a path others had walked;
    For centuries every Mason has walked that path —
    Learning and growing,
    Trusting his Brothers and his God.

    Progress brought light, more light and further light.
    The light from God, “In the beginning.”
    The light of learning and knowledge.
    Light from the God in whom he put his trust.

    The Mason grew as he made his promises.
    Secrets to keep — Secrets to look for.
    The Master’s Word was lost.
    Searched for and never found.
    But still he could trust in his God.

    Working tools taught him lessons:
    A good man was made better,
    Passions were subdued.
    And the tools helped him build:
    Build his character as a stone
    Whose rough edges are smoothed
    For the Temple of His God.

    Almighty Father of the Universe!
    Great Architect of the Universe!
    However He is addressed,
    He is the One to trust.

    “Behold how good and how pleasant it is
    For brethren to dwell together in Unity.”
    The Mason prayed that discordant passions be subdued,
    That Brotherly Love and Affection be spread with the Master’s trowel.
    And God is the one he trusts to answer that prayer.

    And so may the blessing of Heaven
    Rest upon all Masons.
    May we meet upon the level and part upon the square,
    Always trusting in our God.

    Not a religion,
    But a man must have faith.
    A Mason’s trust and his faith
    Are in his God.
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    I need help on how to be a mason
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    Let me guess...Ghana? How about you not hijack a thread that has nothing to do with membership and either start a new thread out better yet....look @ the 100s of threads on how we in America have zero ability to help you.

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