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    :)"In hopes of spreding light to our brothers"

    Filius is Latin for son, filia for daughter; the prefix "af" is a form of the Latin ad, meaning to add to. To be affiliated means therefore to be adopted into a family as a son or daughter, a meaning that beautifully covers a Mason's relation to his Lodge once he has affiliated with it.

    Source: 100 Words in Masonry


    A Mason who is a member of a lodge is so called to distinguish him from a "demitted" or "unaffiliated" Mason, who is not a member of any lodge.

    Source: Pocket Lexicon of Freemasonry


    The French gave the name of Free Affiliates to those members of a Lodge who are exempted from the payment of dues, and neither hold office nor vote. These Brethren are known among English-speaking Freemasons as honorary members. There is a quite common use of Affiliate in Lodges of the United States to designate one who has joined a Lodge by demit.

    Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

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