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    Well Brothers let me try to put this down. For a number of years I drove past a Masonic Lodge that I would find out had a name of Melrose No. 1294 wow, who would have known that someday I would be the Master of that Lodge!

    I had given no thought of being a mason, for no one in my family had been in the fraternity, at least that I knew of. I moved out on my own from California to Texas when I was 13 years old. I had rented a room from a friend I had met through an uncle in Houston and put myself through school, his step father was a mason and that was as close that I had been to one.

    Now jump to mid 1970’s, at work one day I overheard some men talking about masonry and I ask if I could join? And was told that I could not join, and with that answer I never asked again. Looking back I have no hard feeling to this now brother, I realize now it was a lack of Masonic education on his part.

    Now in 1980’s at church one day a Christian brother and also a mason was talking to one of his lodge brothers and when during the conversation I asked how does one become a Mason? And with that the next day I had a petition for the degrees, oh! That lodge I drove by years before, I am now a past master, 1986-1987 this Masonic road that I have been down, I have not regretted for one minute. I do not have to tell you brother’s this is not only the oldest fraternity in the world, but is also the greatest. I cannot begin to count the number of men and women (OES) through masonry that have come into my life that have made an impact on making me a better man, even today on this forum I see the effects of our great fraternity working for the betterment of man.
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