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    Just thought I would introduce myself. I am a MM in Wichita Kansas, and a member of Midian Shrine (involved in the Directors Staff, and our Cartoon unit, where we wear mascot costumes for parades, the circus, and hospital visits). I am married, and have 3 kids, ages 6,5 and 4. As far as I know, I am the first Mason in my family. I really enjoy the close brotherhood that I found in the fraternity when I joined in 2010, and my wife loves her inclusion in the Shrine activities, as well as her (ours, I suppose) involvement in the Ladies Oriental Shrine and the Daughters of the Nile. I look forward to extending my family further through fellowship with all of you.

    Meet on the level, act by the plumb, and part on the square
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    Welcome from South Texas. Enjoy the forum Brother.
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    Welcome to this community!

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