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    Does anyone have an Anthropology / Archaeology Degree? If so what career path did you end up with?
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    Post-graduate work in Anthropology. Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Journalism majors in my under graduate degree. I then went back to get a under grad degree in Polymer Science. I started out in journalism, switched to purchasing, then product development and research. On to Materials Management.

    Bottom line, you'd do well in any future scientific work. You can use your ability to critically analyze in the scientific, social, or business world. Supply Chain, Human Resources, public relations, journalism, teaching. You're going to be a well rounded generalist. You can then decide where to apply those analitical skills to your advantage.

    One thing for sure, you will be better prepared for life having studied human relations and tendencies. You'll also find your best conversations among like-minded brethren in masonry. If you aren't already involved, look into the Scottish Rite.

    Trust this ole cajun boy, I know these ropes well.:001_smile:

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