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  • Bro. JTM, My DOB is incorrect in my profile. The correct DOB is 5/6/75. Is that something you can change for me, please? I messaged Bro. Bowden a few days ago, never heard back, and it's still not changed.
    Sincerely and fraternally,
    Jason Attas
    I started the discussion about "Widows sons and Square and compasses clubs". I understand why you closed it.
    I was wondering if I could be granted access to The Sanctum Sanctorum board as I am a Master Mason and would enjoy discussions with other Master Masons. Thank you.
    You have to keep me in line. My mind thinks too much about the work and it is hard for me to find the answers, therefore I try to teach other brothers things that I have learned in the last 30+ years and a "A" certificate Mason.
    Hello Brother. I understand that you are a member at Sul Ross. I am in the process of making myself available for the Grand South in December of this year. As such, I am looking for things that are happening in all of the Masonic districts that I can attend and become better known to the brethren. Do you guys have a common newsletter that is available in your district or in your lodges? If so please inlighten me as to what they are. I am looking to begin visiting many lodges once the Grand Masters Conferences are completed.

    Gerald Harris
    Planning to be at Sul Ross for the EA Degree in the morning (Saturday 02/20/2010). Will have Brother LJ Linosn, and probably our W.M. Andy Berlan. Hope to see you there.
    Paul "Hippie" Munsel
    Golden Rule 361
    Hearne, Texas.
    I'm glad you are here to counsel us and help with our problems!!! We should be able to keep you occupied! hehe
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