Any lodge in Cleveland ?

Discussion in 'Finding a Lodge' started by constantin el habr, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. constantin el habr

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    Hello brothers !

    I am visiting Cleveland for a month and I am interested in joining a freemason group. I would like to know if there is a lodge in Cleveland and if I can attend their meeting while I am here in Cleveland. I am a FM visiting from Lebanon.
    I would really love meeting other Freemasons here in Cleveland.

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  2. Mike Martin

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    There are certain rules about international visiting that your Lodge Secretary will be able to tell you about.

    However, it is safe to say that you will have to prove that you are a member of one of the Lodges under the District Grand Lodge of the Lebanon under the Grand Lodge of Scotland before you can visit the Lodges represented on this Forum. As it is not likely that you will be accepted otherwise.
  3. dfreybur

    dfreybur Premium Member

    133 lists the lodges in that vicinity.

    It is US tradition to show up in person to present yourself for a visit. You will want to attempt contact on line or by phone first to make sure they will open on schedule but many lodges are very slow to respond on line and phone listings are often out of date.
  4. Raymond Walters

    Raymond Walters Premium Member


    I refrained from commenting on this thread until now but have something I would like to add.

    In my 24 years of Masonic membership I have never just shown up at the door of any lodge for the purpose of visitation without having previously made contact through my lodge secretary/ GL secretary that I would like to visit. And that includes wanting to visit lodges in the United States.

    It may be in the way I was taught protocol & etiquette while learning the work, first in PHA as a member of Granite City Lodge #828 in Mount Airy, North Carolina (MWPHGL of NC), and then later (second time) under the Grand Lodge of Texas by my lodge secretary of Valley Hi Lodge #1407 in San Antonio, Texas (Dist 39-C).

    Though it may be common perception now to just show up, my question(s) are as follows; 1) would it not be best to show as much consideration as possible when in another jurisdiction? 2) would it behoove the fraternity to teach some Masonic etiquette of some sort?

    The reason I have decided to comment is one of the key lessons that I learned, and later experienced is that it is NOT always a good thing to catch any sitting WM by surprise. Depending on his trestle board and what he has planned for discussion in a business meeting, he may not choose to have visitors at his door for the concern of harmony in the lodge.

    Now, most WM's will have no problem with any visitor, and I AM not saying brothers in good standing should NOT visit but I AM saying that common courtesy goes a long way in this laudable fraternity we belong to that values tradition and gentlemanly ways.

    Typically, a simple phone call to a lodge secretary or a GL secretary will help take care of the matter quickly without inconvenience to anyone... with the jurisdiction any given Freemason may visit already apprised of his arrival.

    Taking the time to go through what may seem such a formality may actually help further cement those bonds we seek to strengthen, just by showing courtesy to the GL jurisdiction (and lodge) one visits.


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