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    1. Hassan S. Darabseh
      Hassan S. Darabseh
      Hello my friend...
      I would like to apply for a membership of freemason in Jordan Amman but it seems that it's difficult.
      Can you Guide me to the right direction and thank you in advance .
    2. EricV
      Hello. I liked your comment speculating on why a lodge is "dark in the north." I had been interpreting the symbolism along the same lines as you. Thank you for making such a candid comment. As a (hopefully) future mason, I hope that reading this forum, masonic books, etc., doesn't make me a "cowan." My affection for your fraternity is sincere.
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    3. Saad
      want to join illuminati
      1. dfreybur
        The Illuminati all died centuries ago.
        Aug 31, 2018
    4. Saad
    5. Evans yeboah
      Evans yeboah
      I'm ready to join freemasonry please I need someone to assist me
      1. dfreybur
        Depends on your country. In the US look up a local lodge. Show up an hour before their scheduled meeting. In person. Introduce yourself and ask how to become a Mason. Continue showing up every month until the Brothers know you and will recommend you.

        In some countries Masonry is banned. There the answer is no, the end.

        In many countries Masonry is very private.
        Apr 29, 2018
    6. majorlisa
      Hello my dear
      How are you doing? Am majorlisa by name .please i will like to discuss something important with you please contact me here (majorlisajaster1@hotmail.com)
    7. Warrior1256
      Glad to see you back buddy....was a little worried about you.
    8. Bloke
      Great to see you back Bro ! You were missed and people were asking about your welfare...
    9. Glen Cook
      Glen Cook
      We're lookin for you son
    10. nonso
      please sir, i will be very glad if i become a member, I'm from Ghana and have been searching for lodge to join but has not seen any for years now. i will like you to assist me sir as a member you are please help me
    11. Kojo Ahadzie
    12. F.moe
      I'm a muslim woman from Saudi Arabia.I currently live in Ontario,Canada.what are my chances to be accepted as a member ? I'd love to join
      1. dfreybur
        Masonry only takes men. Look up "CoMasonry" which is a similar group that does take both genders. I think their nearest lodge is in Montreal or Chicago.

        Masonry has several side orders that take women but most require you to have a Mason in the family. Talk your husband into becoming a Mason than both of you join the Order of the Eastern Star.
        Oct 25, 2016
    13. Sir Buck
      Sir Buck
      Hello Texas brother
    14. Randy81
      Love all you contribution to the forum. I just left Fort Hood but never had the time there to start my journey. I've started it now! I still go back to Texas occasionally. Next time I'm there on leave Id love to come to your lodge!
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    15. LCWebb
      I just read a reply you wrote to the question "can non-Christians become masons" and I felt it was excellent. I am going to share it with my officers, and lodge.
      1. dfreybur
        Please do and thank you for the compliment.
        Jun 15, 2015
    16. Canadian Paul
      Canadian Paul
      Thanks, Brother. I have re-visited my 'Profile' and undergone the necessary 'sex-change'.
    17. Uzair khan
      Uzair khan
      I am residing in Pakistan what should I have to do to be the part of family please advice
      1. dfreybur
        Masonry is illegal in most Muslim majority countries so your choices are limited. Relocate permanently elsewhere then work remotely to change the law. Relocate then return to work on changing the law putting yourself in danger. Live by our principles without becoming a member. Work to change the law without becoming a member. Wait with patience until others change the law.
        Apr 22, 2015
    18. cemab4y
      1. dfreybur
        I find it puzzling rather than sad.
        Mar 13, 2015
    19. Bro. Staton
      Bro. Staton
      I will check your site out and spread the word. I am looking to build my very own personal library as well as the lodge library. I will book mark your site.
    20. Boaz Williamson
      Boaz Williamson
      we were thinking about changing the layout and design of our site, adding more books--as we upload as much as we can weekly. but if you can check out our site maybe give us some pointers. www.thehiraminfogroup.com we would appreciate it very much
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