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    It having been over a week since turning in my EA work, and still two weeks until my FC induction, I was feeling the need to do something masonic in nature. I picked up the phone around 230p and called my neighbor, the Right Honorable District 33 Deputy GM Brother Joe Fuhrman. I caught him at a good time as he was starting to overheat while doing yard work and he needed a glass of water, so the phone call brought him into the shade and probably saved him from heat stroke. I figured that was enough of a good deed that it should count as a humanitarian act of compassion, but Brother Joe said I should come with him to Columbus, where they were going to open an EA meeting and I should attend. Joe said we could leave at 530p and be there in time for supper and back home by 900p. I am philosophically against getting too dressed up on my day off, and I was considering doing some early evening yard work myself, maybe some laundry (to help out the wife who was out of town all weekend and didn't get all of it completed), but taking a shower, shaving, and leaving the homestead was not on my agenda. Joe has a very passive yet persuasive manner of influencing a person and even over the phone I could feel his insistence, so I agreed. Sure am I glad I did.

    The trip was a relaxing drive through the country as Joe chose to take Hwy 90 the whole way, and with his years as a truck driver, we were right on schedule and arrived exactly at 614p, a minute before supper was to be served. Shook hands with about 5 MM's and met a new EA who was just initiated earlier this month, a 25 year old named Forrest. Can't remember his last name, but who could forget his first name? Dinner was some delicious Brookshire Brothers Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Rolls, Cake, and Tea. We ate well, and just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, some ate seconds, which were good too.

    After chow, we headed upstairs into the 160+ year old Lodge and with the assistance of those in attendance, an EA lodge was properly opened and routine business conducted. This was only my 4th attendance at a meeting, so it's all still very new to me, but what stood out as special in this meeting was when the WM Joe (last name began with a Y) gave a short statement about a physical ailment which he is about to begin to fight, I realized now why I had come to this meeting. Turns out the WM is going through something that my wife and I had gone through in recent years. I was able to approach the WM after the meeting and tell him that we were at the very starting point of this disease, just as he is, and with our faith and trust in the Doctors we came out alive and so will he. The WM was sincerely appreciative of the support and said he needed to hear that and now he knew he was going to be alright, because he's known and trusted his Doctors at the VA for years and now he knew someone with a personal history with this disease and the resulting effects of treatment and surgery. I'd only just met this man, but I know he is going to survive and thrive.

    Caledonia #68 also seems to have a high number of Law Enforcement persons, some active and some retired, so I felt right at home with my Brothers in Blue too. This lodge is one of the oldest in Texas and is worth a visit. They have a Cornerstone Ceremony coming up on Monday the 13th of June at 9am, the stone is part of a new county building. I plan to attend and then make the meeting in Flatonia that evening for the election of our Officers.

    Hope you found this post interesting.

    "that is all I have to say about that." sorry Forrest, I had to say something from the movie...
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    That's awesome, sounds like a good day as well as a good meal! ;-)
  3. Benton

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    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Wish I could attend the cornerstone laying ceremony, haven't had a chance to go to one yet. None have been local enough for my schedule to allow. Very neat, glad you could be there for a brother. :)
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    Hey, Jose Ricardo Valdez... Give me a call when you are going to travel to a lodge. I will try to hook up with ya...

    Anyone else in Central Texas want to meet at a lodge give me a PM as well. I love meeting you guys in lodges areound the area. BTW, I will be at Tucker in Galveston the week of the 15th and Emporia, Kansas the next week attending lodge. Hope to you see you there.

    Keep it up Richard. This is what it is all about.
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    Rich, his name is Joe Yeanger and his dad passed a few months back :-(. Joe is also a member of King Solomon out of Temple and frequents Knob Creek also out of Temple.

  6. Richard Valdez

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    Thanks Steve, I saw Joe this past Tuesday at my FC initiation, and I thought he said Yeager, that N must be subtle. Joe is a big man, but I can tell his heart is even bigger. I did not know he recently lost his dad. My dad left us in 1993 and my brother just this past April, I know what a hole it leaves in ones life to lose such an important family member. RIP all.

    on a brighter note, Steve, I am trying to rally members to attend a Cornerstone Ceremony coming up this month in Columbus. Monday June 13th is the day, 17 PM's will gather at the Caledonia lodge at 9am to open a representative of the GL, then they take it mobile to the construction site where a new County facility is being built. These events are becoming less frequent so I intend to check it out and hope many of our Brethren will too.
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    Great story. Makes me excited about this summer! I will be raised 6/24 then will be starting a bunch of little 3 day and 4 day road trips all summer. I usually have Mondays off, and it looks like a large number of lodges meet on Mondays. I plan on doing a LOT of visitations!

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