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Do you have a codebook?

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  1. dfreybur

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    There are a similar number of mistakes in my California one published by the GL. Mine has corrections scribbled in it. It's a well worn old blue book long since tucked away.

    There are now two editions of the Illinois one. The most recent edition was supposed to correct the mistakes int he 1986 edition. In addition to correction them it introduced a few new errors. My 1986 edition also has corrections, notes and is well worn and tucked away.

    Plus I have a copy of English Emulation ritual and a collection of old books from before they were authorized. Heirlooms that got passed to me because I put out that I collect them. Mostly the old ones with snap covers.

    If I ever get to the point where I give the mistakes in the book and no others, that's beyond my expectations on how accurate my ritual can ever get. My love of the ritual pours out like the rain but my accuracy is beat by many other brothers.

    Terminology - The word "code" means law code in many jurisdictions with "cipher" or "ritual" used for the blue books there. I have a few printed editions of that type as well. Different type of book than is meant in this thread. California Masonic Code
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    Well Hello Ben!!!!

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    My Dad was raised in Lake Miracabo Venzuella and I have his book and there is quite a bit of difference in his and mine from Texas, a valuable aid to the memory!!!!

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