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Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by Eric Edwards, Jul 23, 2012.

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    I've about decided to attend every stated meeting at 438 from now till, just to be there for the ballot.
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    Good idea
  3. Eric Edwards

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    please do... Please use your gas and time 2 prove you don't want people who try to live up to their moral convictions and ask's tough questions of your fraternity. That's very integral.

    Maybe your dad was a mason or something so this was a easy decision for you.

    Maybe your police captain is one...I think your a cop right?

    For me nobody I know is a mason except one guy who is a 32 degree. I am a truth seeker if that makes me
    someone you don't want in your fraternity come black ball me. I wouldn't want to be a part of it anyways
    if that's the character of members.

    I think your ashlar is a little rough if you can't take tough questions and inquisitive minds.

    i guess you would prefer people who do no research, read no books, and blindly make decisions?

    What lodge do you go to...I will just petition there and make it easier for you to black ball or
    actually meet me and see I am a good candidate.
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    Well played.
  5. Eric Edwards

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    yeah probably not...but I'm just "keepin it real" lol
  6. Spring TX MM

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    Eric, that's not the best attitude to have. All questions you have asked have been answered. Now its up to you to see the truth behind what we have said.

    A very deeply religious friend and Brother told me that when he was joining, a close friend of his who was already a Mason told him that nothing he would experience would conflict with his duty to God, laws of man or himself. This was all he needed to hear to put his fears to rest. Many good men and Masons have told you about the same thing here. Asking "difficult" questions is fine but listen to the answers. If you aren't prepared for answers, you shouldn't ask questions. Does that make sense. I'm not the most grammatically correct person. Again, not to beat a dead horse but go to lodge, meet the men there and get to know them. You'll see for yourself and then decide if its for you or not.

  7. Eric Edwards

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    Well I am clearly in the minority here which usually means wisdom is with the multitude so I apologize if that's the wrong attitude.
  8. daddyrich

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    Wow. 'your ashlar is a little rough"? You've received great advice here, more than maybe some us had previous to joining ourselves. It's also important to understand that your '32 degree" friend has no more Masonic dignity than many of us lowly Master Masons, wallowing away at our 3rd. Please stop this brow-beating, go to a Lodge dinner - they will welcome you and do their level best to answer all your questions. But you will find all this Luciferian conundrum and deep Masonic questions will be of little interest to them. They will give you an honest lay of our landscape and after that, it's your choice. You will not get deep religio/philosophical answers here. As in any walk of life, you will have to seek, understand and live with the answers all by yourself. Good luck to you, sir.
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    May I make a suggestion?

    Calm Down!!

    I appreciate the inquisitive mind and your desire for discussion. But, if you want anybody here to talk to you further, then you probably need to rethink your reasons for being here. Genuine discussion of philosophy, practice, signs, symbols, history etc..?? Membership and growth as a mason practicing freemasonry??
    I agree with others here, you need to simply follow others advice and visit the brethren at the lodge and take care of business.

    "where there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, but he who restrains his lips is wise." Prov. 10:19
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    I feel that this passage of scripture pretty much sums up everything.
  11. BryanMaloney

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    A great deal of nonsense has been written about Freemasons. Thus, the only way to find out is to see for oneself, directly. Thus, go, check it out directly. God protects the faithful, right? If you really believe that God preserves, then you need fear nothing. God will preserve you in your faith and stop you should you encounter something He considers unacceptable.
  12. Eric Edwards

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    thanks...that reply speaks more directly to me than most. I am going to visit the lodge again soon.
    I will say this though the most disgusting thing I've ever heard said was in 438 when I went.
    It was just a joke and I've told some bad ones myself but this one wasn't funny.

    It was what sound does a baby make in a microwave?
    I said I don't know - the guy said me either I was to busy "masquerading <----sub word" I almost threw up.
    For the most part though they seemed like good men.
  13. Joseph_OConnor

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    I am a young, new MM and a Christian. I went to my local lodge initially, met with some folks and spent a while getting to know them--nothing but good people. Not perfect people, but then no one is, not me, not you--and we never will be. But these folks, now my Brothers, are all in their own way actively and purposefully trying to be better men. I had some reservations before I joined but for myself, but I think it is important to make one's own mind up on something rather than rely on partial information. So throughout my process I have prayed. I asked God to let me see clearly where there might be any issues that would come between me and my faith and relationship with Him. In return, I promised Him that at any point should I be in conflict, I would walk away but I really wanted to make up my own mind on things. I can tell you for me personally, I have found nothing that in any way contradicts my beliefs or that has jeopardized my faith. In fact it has been quite the contrary. You see Masonry, despite what you might find on the internet, is not any kind of religion, cult or otherwise. It is a system of Morality to be sure, but it is in no way a means of Salvation--but it does not attempt to be. To me it is a deep personal journey into self development through knowledge of self. Combined with this there is the fraternal side of things and getting to know Brothers that have become to me some as mentors, some as fishing buddies, and many of them lifelong friends. At the drop of a dime, I know that if I needed help, they would be there to help me through any hard time or challenge, and that I can trust them with anything---a priceless thing in today's world. As far as my faith goes, it has only been an enhancement to my relationship with Him--I spend a lot more time in deep thought and consciously try to be a better man every day. Masonry as it is to me, will never be 100% what it is to you, or any other Brother out there. Secrets? You can look up many of those things or by books for that. To me the real secret is the one that only you can find for yourself.

    I don't say these things because I want you to join, or don't want you to join. I just want to tell you my experience and you will need to make the choice for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Just as in all things, we have been given the supreme gifts from God of free will and the ability to reason for ourselves. At every second of every day opportunities arise to make a choice, good or bad. We, as individuals are ultimately responsible for our own actions and choices. Instead of consulting the internet, or word of mouth, or any of these forums, I suggest you pray and the faculties of reason that has been given to you to make your own decision about Masonry. Meet with the men who will be your future Brothers. If you don't feel comfortable, don't join. If you find it conflicts with your beliefs, don't join. No one wants you to join if you don't of your own free will want to. You need to make your own mind up. No matter your choice, nothing can change the inevitable end that we all face one day. From my own faith, I believe in Salvation through Jesus Christ. While I walk this earth, I am proud to walk upright as both a Mason and a Christian--I have no conflicts.

    Whatever happens, enjoy the journey. Blessings.

    Joseph O'Connor
    Tanana Lodge No. 3
  14. Blake Bowden

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    Well said Brother!
  15. Eric Edwards

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    God bless you brother well said - well said....
  16. A7V

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    You seem to deeply want to join because you are curious but yet you are afraid of what you may find because of the things you have read on the internet. I can assure you there are more people on the opposite side who read these things written by Freemasons who were what we call fringe freemasons (I myself am one) and think they are going to get more of that in the lodge. They usually stop coming to meetings a few months to a year after joining when they realize that none of that stuff happens or is really ever talked about in the lodge.

    I myself haven't been in a lodge for 3 years simply because the things you are afraid of finding in the lodge are not there and those things are what I seek. I am still a mason and I still pay my dues but choose to practice the craft in other ways.

    I am an esoteric Christian, a member of the Builders of the Adytum, a member of The Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta, or Fraternity of the Hidden Light, and former member of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, and have regular dealing with member of a local Golden Dawn temple, these organizations and the people who are part of them are where you go to find the information that you are afraid of finding in Freemasonry. Yes those books and things were written by Freemasons because Freemasons come from all walks of life and hold many interests including being part of more esoteric organizatiosn but they do not represent what Freemasonry is about.

    Everyone is telling you that Freemasonry is not right for you, but I disagree if the aim of Freemasonry is truly to make good men better then you certainly should become a member, but please leave your judgments at the door.
  17. towerbuilder7

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    Well said, Brother. The beauty of Freemasonry is that no matter what your chosen vocation, NO Man counts as MORE than the other. Each Man is valued for his internal qualities, not the external. Masons come from ALL walks of life, so its easy to see how so many different books on Esoteric Teachings could have been written by so many different Men. The Brother is absolutely right, in that many of the things you are looking for may NEVER be discussed in a Lodge setting.

    I read EVERY DAY, and I am currently reading FOUR different books. I read 10-20 pages per day, with as much free time that my career and family allow. One of my favorite authors is Brother Manly Palmer Hall. However, I didn't become a Mason simply to delve into the esoteric----I can do that at a library. I joined because I made the decision to cultivate the relationships with Men whom I conversed and fellowshipped with prior to joining. These relationships have grown into a BOND, which is all I think the Brothers above are trying to convey to you.

    Instead of making snide comments to a Brother on this Forum, who is actually a member of the Lodge you wish to join, seek him out at dinner, sit down with him, and LISTEN. You mentioned in a previous thread that you have a very good friend who is a Mason and member of this Lodge. Sit with him and LISTEN. Approach some of the Elder Brethren in the room, and ask them what Masonry has done for THEIR LIVES, and LISTEN.

    Masonry is NOT a religion, but it has helped enhance my FOCUS ON GOD. I was SAVED July 29, 2008, BORN AGAIN and rededicated myself to GOD and my Church. I was raised February 2, 2008. The readings and lectures aren't in the Bible, but some are BIBLICALLY BASED. You have read post after post where grown Men from EVERY CORNER of this great State and beyond have spoken with great reverence and love for Masonry. It's not JUST because of what was IN THE BOOK; IT'S BECAUSE THEY'VE APPLIED WHAT'S IN THE BOOK TO THEIR LIVES. IT'S ALSO BECAUSE OF THE FELLOWSHIP WITH HIS FELLOW MAN.

    I believe in a Mason being a "scientist who studies a progressive science". The two things one should investigate thoroughly are: The Pursuit of TRUTH, and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. Some of what Man can get and value in Masonry is from what is written in a book or on the NET. BUT, you will value ALL THAT YOU GET AND LEARN MOUTH TO EAR, THROUGH YOUR MEMORY WORK. IT ISN'T JUST THE MATERIAL THAT BUILDS YOU UP AS A MASON, though. It is the RESPECT you will learn to give and owe to a Man who will sacrifice his TIME, simply to see to it that you learn your work the way EVERY well taught Mason should---by using his Memory. The mentoring you will experience will forge a bond you may have for the rest of ypur life.

    You begin cultivating these relationships in your Lodge NOT by asking a lot of questions on this Forum, or antagonizing Brothers who expressed their opinion or concern about you based on what YOU wrote, Eric. You cultivate these relationships the old fashioned way----a handshake, and a sit down. If you HUMBLE yourself, possess genuine motives, and are a GOOD LISTENER, you will EARN another Brother's vote of confidence in your desire to become a Brother. This is a VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION, in that you are not compelled to join. Only YOU will know if this is for YOU. Good luck on whatever you decide, and stay off of the Internet for the time being.

    Bro Vincent C Jones, Sr., Bayou City Lodge 228, Prince Hall Affiliation
    Free and Accepted Masonry, Houston, Texas
    Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas
  18. Eric Edwards

    Eric Edwards Registered User

    I haven't been on here in a while or done any research on masonry which has allowed my mind to cool off a bit on all the things I saw on the net.

    I may still petition but if I do it will be in Sept or Oct most likely. I have just gotten so busy lately. Thanks to all for your input even those who

    don't think I should join. I have my petition all signed and ready to go but I think I missed Aug stated meeting. I guess I will check on that.
  19. Michael Hatley

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    One last time I will advise you to get to know the folks at the lodge before submitting your petition. I told you this a while back, twice, and others have done so since - but I don't know if it has ever sunk in that we are trying to help you. People are more inclined to vote for a person despite something that raises their eyebrow if they know you and sense you are a good man.

    And also, be advised that there will be an investigative committee assigned to you. Be prepared to answer questions about your Christian rapping pursuit and that sort of thing. They can google just as well as we can, enough said.

    It should not be a race to deliver your petition the moment you have the signatures. Visit the lodge. Many times. Shake hands with the men, get to know them all. If you don't enjoy that process, you won't enjoy Masonry. What you see is what you get.

    Also keep in mind that the people on this website are by and large younger and/or more forward thinking than the majority of members of any lodge, no doubt Arlington is the same. We are telling you to respect those old men and get to know them. That very same advice was given to me - I was told by a man in his 40s to go around, shake hands, and get to know the names of all the men in the room. That they appreciate it. I did that. Most all of us here did that. Over weeks and months. The men on your investigative committee will be no different, and the same goes for the men who do the voting on your petition.

    Anyway, good luck Eric.
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