Edict issued by the Grand Master of Kentucky

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    Tell you how I do it Brother Blake. I greet them heartedly and go train as many candidates as I can each study night. You may all find, as I have, that most of these so-inclined brothers are big favorites of the knife and fork degree. :001_rolleyes:

    The curse of racism is horrific on this republic of ours. I won't see it, and you may not depending entirely upon your age, but there is a day coming when we are all freed of this curse. Especially the poor folks espousing it.

    That gentlemen, is why I work diligently with new members coming into the brotherhood.

    Of course, there is something to be said about harmony in the lodge.

    Again RedTemplar is right on the money. The Masonic Burial Service is indeed the final equalizer.

    RedTemplar, I already love you brother and I've only been around a week or two.
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    Thanks for the kind words Bro. jwhoff. I, too have been around here for a little while and there are several Brethren around here that have spoiled me with their humorous charm and Texas Spirit. There is ample proof on this board alone that Freemasonry is very much alive in Texas, Louisiana, and beyond.
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    Laboring away in the Rite and Blue Lodge over here in the "western parishes" around Houston brother. Come from a long line of brothers stretching from Germany right down to my generation and praying for more to come in from the profane world.

    When you head Houston-way drop me a line. It would be wonderful to meet in person.

    Good night all ... jwhoff

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