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    I am sneaking this post into the Philosophy, Religion, and Spirituality category for two reasons. First, because I define Philosophy as "the study of the best way to think about things" (which I think applies to this post). And second because I couldn't find a better category in which to list "self improvement information".

    So here goes. For those of you who may not be aware, most states offer some version of tuition-free college classes to anyone over the age of 60. I am lucky enough to live in a state where they will actually issue me a bachelors or even a Master's degree under this program. The only limitation is that I am allowed a maximum of nine credit hours a semester.

    I realize that many people have no desire to return to school. I however am fascinated by a large number of subjects about which I know practically nothing about. I turned 60 in May and I begin classes on Monday.

    I just wanted to put the idea out there in case anyone on the forum hadn't heard of it before.
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    That's great! What are you planning to study?
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    My local college has an aviation program so my first three classes are the ones I need to get my private pilots license. The simulator time and actual flight time are not included in the tuition remission program as these are considered lab fees.

    After that I am not sure what I will study next.

    PS - I have two accounts, so yeah, both those PWAC's are me.
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    That's awesome. Ive always wanted to try something like that.
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    make sure u look in to FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aide) for myself(32yo Married 2 kids make ballpark $67k a yr) i get about $3k a semester from FAFSA. I dont know what if any you would qualify for but its worth a look

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