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"Equivalences" and Recognitions between GCs


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Can a Companion of the Rite of York participate in an English/Scottish/Irish Royal Arch Ceremony?
Has this ever happened to you?
The question arises from the fact that the Royal Arch of York is a Degree in a Rite, while the English one is an Order, as if it were an inner honor in the Lodge.

Glen Cook

G A Cook
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I participated in other countries as a US member, including England, Scotland. No problem, though in England it is a ceremony. I will have three Utah HRA masons coming to my English Chapter Centenary this month. You folks are invited too if companions. I’ll buy your meal, which will be quite nice and four courses.

And, the YR system isn’t really a rite.

Brother JC

Moderating Staff
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A number of American Companions I know of are also English Companions. Same with Mark Master Brethren. My English lodge has a Mark Lodge and a Holy Royal Arch Chapter connected to it.