Finding out if any family members were freemason?

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    Is there anyway to find out if any of my family members that have pasted away? I found alot of stuff that was handed down to me that has the compass and square, I find it interesting that both uncles have some of the same things. Thank you
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    Your first step is to have all of the personal information (full name, DOB, etc.) that you can get on your "suspected" relatives.

    Next get in touch with your local Lodge Secretary, get him to help you. You will need him on order to get in contact with the Grand Lodge and the Grand Lodge Secretary which will have all the Masonic information on all Masons in your State, OR he will be the P.O.C. to other Grand Jurisdictions. All the secretaries communicate through each other, not through you.

    With any luck, in a few days you should have all the answers to your questions.

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