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Discussion in 'The Traveling Freemason' started by gnarledrose, Jun 29, 2011.

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    August 13th through the 21st, the wife and I will be traveling from Orem, UT to Mckinney, TX by way of Albuquerque. This is my first time leaving Utah after being raised, and I'm just so terribly excited! I've done a little bit of preliminary research, and it looks like our travels won't take us near any lodges on designated meeting nights-- though I WILL be dragging everybody to St. John's #51 in Mckinney for their open-to-all history night that Tuesday.
    The reason I bring all this up, foolhardy youthful zeal aside, is because I was hoping for tips from more experienced brothers about visiting other lodges/jurisdictions. Have you found it worthwhile to stop by local lodge buildings even when there's not a meeting planned, just to see? Are goats usually provided, or do I have to bring my own? And if anybody reading this is in the DFW area... Whose hand do I gotta shake to get the special 100% discount for Six Flags? :thumbup1:
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    Somehow I read this as "First Timetraveler". lol I usually stop by the local lodge and take a look. Some lodges only post their stated meetings, but will have something going on each week.
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    Meeting brethren from various parts of the country and planet is one of the many wages in masonry. It's always pleasing to know folks are the same the world over. Masonry gives each of us a chance to discover this truth.

    Enjoy your travels and stop off to see a brother or two along the way.

    God bless.
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    It can be very fulfilling at times or it can be a complete bust. I've been to lodges and have absolutely enjoyed the fellowship and the ritual. I have been to other lodges where I was treated as some type of misfit. Generally what I do is e-mail the lodge before and let them know I am coming, the type of response I get usually dictates the welcome I get. I have a personal rule if they don't respond then I don't bother attending.

    Hopefully this helps, I have been to lodges in Albuquerque, shoot me a PM is you are planning to go to lodge there.

    -Bro Vick
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    If you have an iphone or andiord phone check out Fraternalsoft. They have an app that you can download for $7.99 (on itunes) that will give you a list of lodges closest to you. Ive used mine travelling from Texas to Mass and it works great!

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