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    As a mason I believe we are all striving to be better however, if one has questionable behavior he or she will be found out in due time
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    This was the "sunday school" answer when I was in when somebody asked what integrity means... and that you learn a lot about a person about what they do when nobody is watching but I would add to it that you also learn the measure of a man by what he does the right thing even when it isn't the popular thing to do. For example the one Stealers player that stood in the tunnel with his hand over his heart when the rest of the team stayed in the locker room until after the national anthem.
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    Alrjandro Villanueva isn’t just “a Steelers player”. He’s a US ARMY RANGER
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    Also sorry to read of this Brother, but glad you left.
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    I think the quote is about what a man does guided by his own integrity and values when no one is watching and the only judge of him will be himself (and the GAOTU, of you think the GAUTU observes and judges actions). I don't think its a quip, I think it's a very important statement.
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    Yeah, the meme is simplistic for sure. What I get from it is that your true character is not what you cautiously do in public. Your true character is what you do when you're not in the public view and no longer putting up a façade.

    It's unfortunate that this meme used the term "true test". It's not a true test. It's your true character. Your true character is acted out when you let your guard down, drop the façade and do what you would normally do free from the scrutiny of public eyes and the consequences thereof.
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    I think it is a really good meme, and can convey the tools to face a true test. I am sure as someone in a fiduciary position of trust, you've had the chance to do the wrong and the right thing where no one would probably know, and doing the wrong thing would give you advantage, yet you've done the right thing simply because it is right. It's when no one is watching that Character gets truly tested.

    The message might be simple, but so are many in Freemasonry. As an oral teaching tradition, it is advantageous to make our complex messages simple. Like the simple words "Brotherhood", "Honour" and "Fraternity" , these are simple single words, but what is needed to discharge them as obligations can be complex and difficult but rather than have a thesis on these we use single words, but they are built upon by the whole system of our degree lessons.
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