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    June 20, 1924 - May 28, 1971

    Audie Murphy was the most decorated U.S. combat soldier of World War II. After the war he moved to Hollywood; his first starring role came in a 1949 released film called Bad Boy. He went on to star in 44 feature films over the next 25 years. His 1949 autobiography To Hell And Back was a best seller. Murphy starred as himself in the 1955 film version which held the record as Universal’s highest grossing picture until 1975 when it was finally surpassed by Jaws.

    He was also a successful thoroughbred and quarterhorse racehorse owner and breeder, having interests in such great horses as "Depth Charge." Audie Murphy wrote some poetry and was quite successful as a songwriter.
    In a effort to draw attention to the problems of returning Korean and Vietnam War veterans, Audie Murphy spoke out candidly about his personal problems with PTS, then known as "Battle Fatigue".

    Raised: 1950
    Hollywood Lodge No. 542, North Hollywood, Calif.
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    A great American and a great Freemason!

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