Freemasonry Is Dying

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    When I joined Masonry in the 1980s I was surprised that the brethren, when discussing how the ritual should be performed, always referred to how long past brethren did it.

    In my mind this meant:

    - Freemasonry must necessarily degrade over the decades as each new generation learned only imperfectly what the previous generation practiced

    - As a science always improves in each generation, Freemasonry was not being practiced as a science.

    I was surprised that the brethren did not learn to improve the ritual performance by observing experiencing flows of energy as the ritual progressed.

    I am still surprised that the brethren do not pursue the inner aspects of Masonry. It really is not difficult, it just requires regular simple spiritual practices

    After 300 years the brethren still seem content to await time and circumstance to deliver the genuine secrets - to their distant descendants.
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    It varies by BOTH jurisdiction AND by state. There are still PHA jurisdictions that span more than one state and I remember when the Grand Lodge of Washington and Alaska split into separate jurisdictions.

    In the US alcohol laws are set state by state and are different at least slightly in each state.

    In California we could keep alcohol in the building but the lodge could not own it. Plus there could be no charge for it. So the Junior Wardens pass down the key to the cabinet where the beer and wine are and we put them out with a donation bowl at dinners. Because that's what California laws say we can do unless we get a liquor license and GLofCA decided to permit whatever the state law allows but does not permit member lodges to get a liquor license. In California any Table Lodge rituals get held at a Shrine or otherwise off site to be able to do the toasts.

    Each of my other jurisdictions have their own rules that are consistent with but more strict than the laws of those states.
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    I have to refute that, Doug. My lodge holds every Agape, toasts and all, in the lodge building we rent for the occasion. We have entertained sitting Grand Masters before and it was never an issue.
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    *thumbs up*
    Mind you, I always say the only title which matters, and is the easiest to get and hardest to earn is "Brother".
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    Very true, you just show up on your EA night and you're a Brother whether you show up again or least for a year in most U.S. districts.
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