Global Warming??

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Do you believe in Global Warming?

  1. Yes, We MUST take action now!!

  2. No, I just think the world is changing, just as it has for milleniums.

  3. Maybe, I'm on the fence. I just need more evidence.

  1. JTM

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    Just because that's the answer that the govt wanted out there doesn't mean it's false.

    Even though they do have a history of that...
  2. In response to all the statistic "proving" global warming I have to quote two visionaries:
    Samuel Clements: "There's lies, damn lies, and statistics."
    Stephen Wright: "42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot."

    I recall from 8th grade chemistry class a little thing called the scientific method. All the global warming zealots claim that a consensus of scientists claim global warming is real, therefor it must be. Well, chums, there is no such thing as a consensus in the discipline of science or within the facts of scientific proof.

    There is proof that Copper melts at just over 1000 °C.
    There is proof that water boils at just over 100 °C.
    There is NO proof that global warming exists.

    Added to which those promoting the carbon tax as a means to fund new energy technology are the children and grandchildren of oilmen and coal mine owners (a la Al Gore). Except they want the US Taxpayer to fund their riding the next wave of energy and industrial development.

    Very simple, as W. Mark Felt (Deep Throat) once said: "Follow the money."
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  3. ragged tiger

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    Good points Bro. Secretary.

    Earth's fossil record contains plenty of evidence to support climate change, pre-industrialization, which is the core issue I have with Global Warming advocates.

    As a theory, Global Warming attempts to lay the blame for climate change almost exclusively at the doorstep of smoke-stack industries.

    Sure, we would all like to see less pollution, but try as I might, I just can't connect Exxon-Mobil with the Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age, or the fact that the earth's polarity may have flipped over the past million years.

    Any rational analysis of climate change should not limit itself to 150 years of the human industrial footprint.
  4. rhitland

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    Global warming may be a crock a figment of money imagination, I just want to drink from the river I grew up on, as I did when I was a kid. I care for the earth as a whole but my backyard is trashed with pollution and I for one would love to see Americans take a bigger rersponsibilty in taking care of our Mother Nature and not just turn our backs to her and thinks she can do it on her own. My water well some how mysteriously starting killing all my plants in my greenhouse nursery bus. and pumping a petroleum substance into my pond resivor. Coinencidently the gas co. had started to drill many wells here in the Barnett Shell and come to find out in my area the gas company was sucking milions of gallons of water from the same underground resivor my well drew from. I still have a hard time blaming them solely for this problem but I see all the destruction of these mega-companies and not near the effort to leave it the way they found it.
  5. gortex6

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    Did anyone catch the 2012 documentary last night? Apparently we are hoarding all the ancient astrological and alchemical knowledge of solar cycles behind global warming :D :cool:

    [video=youtube;Im8-S4i-GWE]"]Part 3[/url]Part 4[url="[/video]
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