History of Masonic Architecture?

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    Hey everyone!

    I want to learn more about the history of masonic architecture. Does anyone know of any good sources? Are there any good articles on the masonic "style" and its development?

    I'd also really be curious to learn about the history behind your specific lodges. I'm a pretty recent master mason (raised just before the virus hit)--so there's still plenty for me to learn. I find myself particularly interested in just how Freemasonry "works" as an organization. For those of you that are in attractive, typically masonic lodges, do you know the history of how they were constructed? i.e. where funding came from, were outside architects used, what stylistic guidelines were they given, etc?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Here is the Mithraic temple from which the Masonic is copied.

    Note the two pillars depicted in the entrance, the seats on the side for the brethren and the pedestal in the East for the Master. Some temples had a 7 rung ladder in the floor with 3 working tools per rung.

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    Google will be your friend..

    Here is the history of our building http://www.lodgedevotion.net/gipps-...d-united-masonic-temple-trust-a-brief-history

    here is what I think was the coolest masonic building in my city

    Generally, I would say Masonic Architects take inspiration from the past - but also work in the style (and to the price) of the day.. that's part of the reason Masonic Architecture is so diverse.
    Also, many current masonic buildings have been something in the past which has been cheap and come on the market.. hence you see a lot of old churches and school houses as masonic buildings..

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