How does California make ritual work?

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    Did they really cheapen it, or just cut to the meat of it? I mean right now, our FC is a joke. It took me all of 4 hours to have it ready to turn in. I can see where the California method would get people involved in the Lodge faster. It would also shift the burden of the work to gaining the MM degree rather then up front on the EA. I could see how that would help our EA retention rate, since by the time they get to MM, they are more invested in the Lodge in both financially and socially. Plus as someone stated, how many MM's still know the Q&A's if they are a Lodge Instructor?

    I like the requirements for officers. I've often said, if it were up to me in my lodge, each officer should be required to know and perform their part of all 3 degrees.

    I also agree that this would be a major thing to adopt in Texas. I can see those who won't part with the work having an issue. I can also see those who become officers for the sake of having the titles beign upset about the change. As stated, some already grumble about having to be certified to be able to open and close. I more or less celebrated my 1st anniversary of being iniated by getting my first certificate, with my DI sitting across from me.
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    Good on ya, mate! :thumbup:

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