I'm so old I can remember....

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    I remember TAB was the only diet soda and pinball machine was the game to play and put a quarter in the juke box. Run down dirt roads when you can play outside all day until the street light come on and ride your bike for miles and never worried about getting Kidnap

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    When I could stand to fish in temperatures that would freeze ice in the eyelets of my rod. Now, that is cold if your in a 12ft. aluminum boat in Ky.
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  3. Plustax

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    Milk in small glass bottles with straws in school! School Patrol boys used as crossing guards. Proud owner of the Vic20 computer with 5k of ram! Even had cassette tape as external storage! LOL
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    Skate boards made with a board & metal roller skate wheels taken from your sister's old skates

    Hand saws. Hand auger drills, buck saws, and hand planes.

    Slide rulers, graph paper, not using a calculator for mathematical problems.
    Old math that worked, and learning how to give back change (3rd grade problem solving).

    $0.20 cent gasoline, full service gas stations.

    Real CocaCola in glass bottles, with real sugar,
    calories and TASTE!

    Every kitchen had a church key on
    the side of the refrigerator to open
    soda and juice cans.

    .25 cent paper bag of candy from corner store

    Blue laws... On Sunday- All stores closed, no trucks allowed on the roads, bars closed
    no liquor sold, everyone went to church!

    Lawn darts

    Rock 'em sock 'em robots

    Romper room, Howdy Doodey, Captain Kangaroo,
    the Milton Burl show, Red Skelton, Marx Brothers,
    and Jimmy Durante.

    Saturday morning cartoons, Felix the cat, Huckleberry hound, Mighty mouse,
    Under dog , Pink panther ( when he didn't talk), and the Bugs Bunny / Road Runner show.

    Three stooges, Rat patrol, Get smart, Car 54 where are you,
    The rifleman, Old Yeller, and Lassie.

    Ice hockey when it was still a "Contact sport", and we
    didn't wear helmets or shin guards. We used news paper and foam rubber
    with duct tape instead.

    We knew all the families in our entire neighborhood.

    Neighborhood "MOM-phone/NET" was faster than any 4G network we have today.

    We spoke to adults with respect, by saying Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir every time, thank you and please.

    Getting spanked buy a mother in the neighborhood ( not yours) for doing something wrong,
    and getting another when you got home too.

    Playing on school grounds without a permit or fear of getting arrested!

    When boys would scrap with each other on the playground and the teacher would grab each of you by the ear, and walk you back to the room for a "sit down".
    Afterwards they would make you shake hands and apologize
    to each other and the teacher too.

    Being out playing until the street lights came on.

    Acorn fights every fall after racking up the yards.
    (Those things really stung when you got hit...OUCH!)

    When a mobile phone was on Dick Tracy's watch, or Agent 86's shoe phone.

    Phone booths with glass doors that closed

    The Harlem globetrotters played exhibition games at the local school
    after donkey basketball

    Drug store soda fountains, hand cranked Cash registers.

    Real five & dime stores

    Stock car racing used ordinary street cars
    with some mechanical tweaking, and a hand painted
    number on the doors. Won on Sunday, bought on Monday.


    Never locking the house.

    Mr G. delivered the milk 2 times/wk., and the local pig farmer
    picked up the garbage from the in ground pail near the back door every
    tuesday morning.

    A rifle rack with rifles on it, in the back window of my truck.

    45 rpm record singles

    Hanging onto the back of the front seat of the car while Dad was driving down the street

    Riding bicycles without a helmet

    School having the Vice principal as dean of students and
    no campus police needed.

    Gun control meant using both hands to steady your shot.

    Camping in national forests without a permit

    MOSTLY ...

    People with commonsense, mutual respect for one another,
    belief in family, evening supper and Sunday Dinners.

    Children respected parents, adults, the police and the rule of law.

    Prayer in schools, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance
    in home room each day.
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