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    I'm the guy who asked to join your organization. I'm the guy who paid his dues to join. I'm the guy who stood up in front of all of you and promised to be faithful and loyal.

    I'm the guy who came to your meetings and no one paid any attention to. I tried several times to be friendly to some of the fellows, but they all had their own buddies they talk to and sat next to.

    I sat down several times but no one paid any attention to me. I hoped very much that somebody would have asked me to take part in a fund raising project or something, but no one saw my efforts when I volunteered.

    I missed a few meetings after joining because I was sick and couldn't be there. No one asked me at the next meeting where I had been. I guess it didn't matter very much to the others whether I was there or not.

    The next meeting I decided to stay home and watch TV. The following meeting I attended, no one asked me where I was when the last meeting was held.

    You might say I'm a good guy, a good family man who holds a responsible job, loves his community, and his country.

    You know who else I am? I'm the guy who never came back!

    It amuses me when I think back on how the heads of the organization and the members were discussing why the organization was losing members.

    It amuses me now to think that they spent so much time looking for new members when I was there all the time.

    All they needed to do was make me feel needed, wanted and welcome!

    Author Unknown
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    And that is the key! Giving individuals ownership in their fraternity, a feeling of brotherhood, belonging, and more than anything else, personal value in the lodge room, like its something they own on some level, not just something passed down from on high by the members who've been around since they were in diapers. Making personal connections with brothers can go a long way toward alleviating this problem.

    Luckily, I've never experience this in my lodge.
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    K BRO. Good lesson for us because sometimes it happened in the lodge that we don't give importance to our brothers who had been absent or sick.With this thread i hope we will be able to appreciate the presence of our brethren in the lodge,not only during stated meeting but also during other masonic activities.
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    I am a Fellow Craft at Buda #800 and I have never been treated like this. I have always felt very welcome and like I am becoming a part of the group (a brother).

    Paul Adams
    Buda #800
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    Passed: July 15, 2010
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    not a troll post, but a genuine one.

    these seem like whiney lines to me. "nobody paid attention to me?"

    masonic lodges are often reference to as bee hives. people know the usual symbolism, but i'd like to carry it a bit more... who thanks the individual bees in a bee hive? who "pays attention" to them? who babies them?


    if someone joined a lodge to get attention, that's a really bad way to get it. sure, it's wonderful when everyone who is in lodge is friends with everyone else and everyone greets you (i make it a point to try to), but... repeating it twice just seems whiney.

    the happenings of a lodge and lessons taught are very self-gratifying, but in a very private way. we celebrate these lessons together, but for the most part, i have rejoiced in what meaning that these allegories meant to me, not in what they meant to someone else, and that's the main reason to go to lodge. it's when we're all sitting together and paying attention to each other's good deeds and such that really make me want to not go ("who is willing to be on the committee to see who gets the plaque this week?").

    i also get annoyed when people badger me for not coming to lodge. if i was sick i'd tell you, if i wanted you to know.

    dangit, now i sound like a grouch. i'm really not. i do greet people into the lodge and organize post lodge beverage meets, but yea.
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