Kangroo fight

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    Most un-Australian for several reasons, partly because he bothered to film and upload it, and because he took no bets on the outcome,

    Kangaroo boxing used to be a big thing.... common in side shows; and i see it still is (probably in Thailand judging from the music) He's playing with gray, but up Nth the big reds will be taller than you. The cute furry things 3 or 4 foot tall are often wallabys or wallaroos, even a small roo can do you damage with its powerful back legs. I've never heard of a death, but understand they've occurred...

    A kangaroo is no more special than any other of gods creatures to anyone whose ever left the city, in Melbourne you will even see them on the city limits....

    The boxing kangaroo is a national symbol

    but the other important thing to note, is they taste good... they're pretty common on a pub menu. Eating our national symbols on our cost of arms (Emu and roo) now that's Australian :)
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