King Hiram if Tyre

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    The Phoenician King Hiram, was no dought a genius but he was also truly inspired with the most exalted ideas of our Divine Creator. One of the many thing that strikes me about this design of King Hiram's, is that once it began wasting and deteariating away it still was in harmony with nature let me share it with you I just recently read it from the Book of Hiram. Thanks for the book Sirius

    King Hiram had an island reformed for a strong hold for his fleet and army there was one major promblem
    The problem of supplying the man-made island with water was solved with breathtaking ingenuity. Using breath-holding divers, the Phoenicians located freshwater springs gushing out of the seabed and affixed funnels where they entered the saltwater. The Drinking water was driven up by the pressure of the outflowing springs and the water fed through a network of leather pipes to where it was needed. Amazingly, the Greek geographer Strabo recorded how the system continued to work almost nine hundred years later. Hiram's civil engineering projects were built to last. shortened a little

    I was wondering do you think PVC pipe last 900 years?

    suposed to be Hiram King of Tyre
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    No wonder King Solomon teamed up with King Hyram.

    What a good book. You're welcome.
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    It always amazes me how so long ago we were so advanced yet we are just rediscovering these technologies. Could you imagine the advancements if we could have just kept building.
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    I would like to believe that it would be quite beautiful.

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