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    Annawon Lodge #115, West Haven, CT held it's annual table lodge tonight. The theme was Ladies of the Table Lodge and we got to invite our significant others, daughters, mothers etc. The seven toasts were given, each honoring and toasting a famed woman of history, with the last toast of course reserved for our own beloved ladies. I served as Marshall and assisted the stewards in the kitchen and had the opportunity to serve my wife and daughter a 5 course meal. They and each of the ladies that came were treated like queens by all and also enjoyed each others company as well. It was a night of positive energy in what has been such a negative streak in the passed few months with the Newtown shootings, and the Boston bombings and even just everyone on the highway cutting each other off, giving each other the finger and what have you. Negativity is exhausting, and tonight's success at a positive night was truly a welcomed break. Thanks be to the Great Architect for providing the lessons I learned tonight and the opportunity to share such a positive experiences.
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    That sounds like a real good function. I will talk to my Brothers and see if we do anything similar. I know OES just did a Honor the masons and their Wives Night at our last Stated meeting.
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    When it's not a tiled meeting I think the technical term for it is "Festive Board". It is wonderful to hold such events and even better to include our beloved ladies.

    If you've never been to a tiled Table Lodge you've missed out on one of the best events local Masonry has to offer. Consider that when Grand Lodge masonry was invented in 1717 one goal was to organize an annual banquet for Masons only, which is to say a Table Lodge.

    Masonry is supposed to include solemnity and levity. The degrees are supposed to be solemn. The festive board is supposed to be light. No letting the Shrine monopolize the levity. It belongs at the craft level as well.

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