LSM: The Deal With Dues

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    Great video Brother, really stuck a cord.

    The fact that this is even a discussion is disappointing. For me to join and pay a years membership was a bit over $600-700 if I recall correctly, not including the required dress code of a dinner suit as well as we charge a $5 dining fee every month and the money goes to charities.

    Freemasonry isn’t free.

    Imagine how much shorter business meetings would be if you wherent discussing how to raise money to maintain the halls and temples.. I mean really... it’s our duty to put a value on freemasonry.
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    It's common to hear of Americans paying <$200 for Freemasonry an year, and not unheard of them paying >$100. There's guys in here who's lodge dues are around $60. My two lodges are $350 and $450 per year, plus dining fees of $20 and $35 respectively. Most recent Installation dinner was $60, next one is $100. Bank Place Lodge (being founded in Dec) the dinner will be $200 per plate - too pricey for me, but I mention it because of the difference in culture. We normally have the ladies at that dinner, so for me, $70 is the upmost price at the moment - it makes for $140 per couple.

    I am a great advocate of our Masonic Buildings - I work as a volunteer and professionally on saving and improving them. That said, any discussions on the building needs to be held in a separate forum rather than in lodge- it comes up in our lodge about once a year, and we have the President, VP, Treasurer and Manager all as members. We took our building out of Lodges by forming an Association to own and run it. In Australia - that's by far the best structure to hold a building in. As an Association, we run separate meetings, books and a linked but distinct agenda. Ironically, we spend a lot of time protecting our building from Freemasons - their lack of care, and frankly, their stupidity. They smartest thing you can do is remove as much of the discussions around your building away from Lodges - they are not there to plan businesses, analyze books or get roofs fixed or walls painted - lodges are there for us to enjoy each others company and grow and individuals and Freemasons. The maintenance needs to be done, but Lodges are neither appropriate or effective places to get that achieved - must better to form a small group of commercial ninjas to keep the building going..

    Back to the OP - a budget which relies on gift giving is not a budget - it's a fantasy. (Costs + a contingency + doubtful debts (dues) ) divided by (number of paying members) is the only way a lodge fee should be set. And fundraising should be for discretionary spending on charity or for special projects.
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