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Marine Corps Freemasons


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ImageUploadedByFreemason Connect HD1377652159.653915.jpg

I made the picture above to represent my connection to the Corps and Freemasonry. Hope everyone likes.

Feel free to use it if you treasure both organizations as I do.
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I was born in NE Al and currently reside here. From 03-07 I served in the beloved Corps. Engineers Up! 3rd MAR DIV CAC MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI. I will be raised to MM Oct. 22 2013 SEMPER FI Brethren!



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I am Air Force veteran. I have a short story. I knew a Marine Lieutenant, who served in intelligence. He had a clearance about 3 levels above Top Secret. He was concerned that he would not pass the background check to be a Freemason. I told him to relax! I am sure he went on to be accepted!


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Semper Fi. Marine barracks. Alameda
2/5 Camp Margarita
MW.Stringer GL F&AM (PHA) State of Mississippi


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Served with 1st Tanks 29 Palms, Ca

A Brother at Vesper Lodge #84 in Red Bluff, Ca

Love and cherish both till death

My Freemasonry HD


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Semper Fi to all the Marine Corps Veterans and Freemasons.


Honolulu Lodge F.&A.M.
Worshipful Master

Senior Grand Deacon
Grand Lodge of Hawaii F.&A.M.

Trinity Valley Lodge No. 1048
Grand Lodge of Texas A.F.&A.M.

Walhalla Lodge Lodge No. 69
United Grand Lodge of Victoria A.F.&A.M.