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Apr 18, 2018 at 10:46 PM
Sep 3, 2008
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Wharton, Texas

Bill Lins

Moderating Staff, from Wharton, Texas

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Apr 18, 2018 at 10:46 PM
    1. rpbrown
      Brother Lins, can you point me in the direction to locate the 2018 Resolutions. I have been all over GLoT website and cannot find them. Our lodge has not received them either
      1. Bill Lins
        Bill Lins
        They're on the Secretary's database- he can access them for you. Otherwise, send me your email address & I can email them to you.
        Dec 4, 2017
    2. Abidoye Aina
      Abidoye Aina
      Am very happy to be in this organization society
    3. Abidoye Aina
      Abidoye Aina
      Greetings brother
    4. HENNANE 123
    5. Kojo Ahadzie
    6. BroBill
      Saw you read your resolution at Grand Lodge from way up in the balcony! Good to see you in person after being on line so long!
      1. Bill Lins likes this.
      2. Bill Lins
        Bill Lins
        Thank you! Maybe next year it'll pass!
        Jan 27, 2017
      Is it possible to change your header name? Thanks.
      1. Bill Lins
        Bill Lins
        I really don't know- you might message Blake- he knows the "techie" stuff.
        Jan 8, 2016
    8. Warrior1256
      Sir, I just opened a threat in the "general" category called Junior Waarden. I can not figure out how to correct the misspelling. Could you correct this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you brother.
      1. Bill Lins
        Bill Lins
        It is done. Glad I could help & congratulations on your preferment!
        Dec 8, 2015
      2. Warrior1256
        Thank you very much brother, both for your assistance and your kind words.
        Dec 8, 2015
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    9. jwhoff
      I'll be up to Waco Saturday morning brother. Looking to meet with someone from the Lodge of Research. Do you have any pointers? Friday I'll be tied up in a couple of meeting on the work site. Bummer for a Brother. C U There.
      1. Bill Lins likes this.
      2. crono782
        I'll be up there Saturday as well. I can introduce you to the SW of the TLR this year.
        Nov 24, 2014
    10. nickthomp
      Can you take a look at Aroyakhan razia she has been spamming about weightlifting coupons
      1. Bill Lins
        Bill Lins
        I'll check it out- thanks.
        May 18, 2014
    11. Bill Lins
      Bill Lins
      Sorry- if I hear of anyone else I'll let you know.
    12. Mike Cameron
      Mike Cameron
      Thank you for your help. Bro. Barry was out of town but the lady I spoke with told me that they didn't hav the equipment to do it.
    13. Uscgmason
      Very Nice! I have a lot of friends who used to serveon the Rush. I'm sure he's enjoying it and I hope the next place he goes is just as exciting
    14. Uscgmason
      yessir I am. Been in 3 years
    15. MacTX
      Hey Bill. Well, I obtained my professional photography certification in 1992. I did it on my own for a living for a while as well as freelance writing, but my photography became "boring" to me. I'm much more inclined to the more artistic facets of it, and you don't really make money with that in areas like this.

      I've actually been thinking about the Wharton Lodge. It's not horribly far out from where I'll be living, and I know several of you there already. I'm seriously considering changing membership to there, but we'll see. I do want to visit a couple of Houston lodges first. But something else I really like about Wharton is that you guys seem to be really active and focus on "fellowship" quite a bit.

      And hey, you ARE the one who conducted the degree to raise me to a Master Mason after all.

      Bay City will always be home for me, but I do want to move my membership after moving to Houston so that I can remain active and continue Masonic education.
    16. MacTX
      Hello Bro. Bill! Just joined this forum and saw you're on here, as a moderator no less!
    17. swole
      Bro. Bill! All is good! Working on my degree is a lot of work but i heard it gets easier. Especially with bro. Seguin. His teaching methods are perfect for my mush brain, lol. That's pretty much all been working on besides the job. I'm moving along nicely. Hope all is well.
    18. anthony.auld
      hey there bill just droping in to say hello
    19. TexasCop
      Sorry, I just saw this. I'm a 15.5 year veteran of the Farmers Branch Police Department. :)
    20. Bill Lins
      Bill Lins
      Congratulations! I suspicioned as much! :D
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    Wharton, Texas
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    Wharton #621
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    Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F. & A.M.
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    • Scottish Rite
    PM & Secretary, Wharton #621; PM, El Campo #918; Treasurer, East Bernard #817;member- Holland #1, P.I. #33, TLR; DDGM #32-2005; DI #32- 2006-present


    PM & Secretary, Wharton #621
    PM- El Campo #918
    Treasurer, East Bernard #817
    member- Holland #1, Pt. Isabel #33, TLR
    Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F. & A.M.
    DDGM #32- 2005
    DI #32- 2006-present
    Golden Trowel- 2008 (#918), 2016 (#621)
    Scottish Rite- Valley of Houston
    Rainbow #94 Advisory Board 2005-2010
    FMRC- Coastal Bend Chapter #45

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