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    This is a very short story. I found out I had cancer lst June and was in the patient area of MD Anderson after going thru a few tests. I was very uneasy and felt alone and cold in the waiting area, the staff there is great but still feeling scared. I had my lovely hospital gown with the nice breez way up the back and my ring on. An older gentleman sat across from me after his test and he said "brother what lodge are you from" He was dressed the same as me dwn to the ring. We spent the next few minutes talking as if we have known each other forever and that made me feel so at ease for the rest of the testing. I don't remember the brothers name but he was from the lodge in Wharton Texas. If you may be reading this and I sat with you, I am cancer free now for 6 months now and hope you are the same.
  2. JEbeling

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    Went thru 18 months of Chemo.. ! Cancer free for 4 years.. ! good story.. sometime it can make you sick and its always good to have a friend to talk to.. ! Good Luck.. !
  3. Blake Bowden

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    What a wonderful story Brother Brad! Thank you for sharing.
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    Great story Brad. I am a cancer survivor myself and went through treatment at Anderson and still go for check ups every now and then. As wonderful as Anderson is, it can be a very trying and frightening experience. I'm glad you found a Brother to rely on. Congratulations on being cancer free.
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    Ah some Kindred Brothers. I underwent a radical prostatectomy at M.D. Anderson in Nov 2007. Great place to be if you need that kind of medical attention. So far no sign of any more of the bad stuff.
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    Great story! I wish you all the best.

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