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    Hey Brothers that are in the MoT Fantasy Baseball league. I apologize for not getting to set the draft date for the 17th like we agreed one. My family had two medical emergencies that we have been dealing with and I didn't think about or even get the chance to get online to really make any changes to the league.

    I have no reset the draft to be this Saturday (24 March) at 6:00 p.m. Central Time. If that time does not work for everyone, please let me know what day and time would be good for ya'll. We can set it for after the season starts, we just won't be able to start scoring during the first week. It is totally up to ya'll. I have spent a good bit of time retweaking the league and making some changes here and there to stat categories and stat points. A couple of other league settings were changed, but none that should really imact game play at all from last season. The only one that might is that I put a restriction on how many transactions you can do during each matchup week. This is to prevent going in every morning and picking up two pitchers that are starting that day, and continuing to do that every

    I sent out a message from the league with this same info, but posting it on here in case it gets caught up spam filters. I did get the date and time set this time, so even if something happens that keeps me from being on here, the draft will go through with ya'll attending. Please, let me know if I need to make it a different day or time as I would like to see everyone that can make it online for the draft be there. You guys know how it is when someone is on autodraft haha. Also, do need one more person to fill a slot to make the teams even so that we can draft. I do have one guy on standby, but he isn't too serious about playing and I'd rather it go to someone that would enjoy it more than he would. If you know of anyone, or if you are reading this and haven't joined up but want to, get me an email address so I can get an invite to you. If we can't get anyone, I'll just go ahead and get my buddy registered.

    Good luck!!!
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    I'll be there!

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