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    Growing up my mother and grandmother would occassionally make the comment " You should be a mason when you grow up" . It never really registered what they meant until I was in my late teens. I had worked around many masons through the years and had developed some close friendships with them. I also had an Uncle raised a Master Mason during this time. Now keep in mind, these men help steer me in the right direction and were men I really looked up to as roll models. Several years passed and I had filled out an application for the Elks Lodge. I was talking with Glen and telling him about wanting to join the Elk's Lodge. I knew he was a Mason and my uncle was a mason and I knew the kind of men they were and what they stood for. Those comments from by mother and grandmother surfaced in my mind and I ask Glen how you became a Mason. he told me I had taken the first step and presented me with a petition. I filled it, went through the investigation and waited. I received confirmation I was accepted to be initiated in the Masonic Lodge and the Elk's Lodge. I could not afford both and chose the Masonic Lodge. It remains the best decision I could have made. Brother masons continue to help shape my life.

    I was raised a MM in 1982 in Liberty Lodge #48. I am a PM of Deer Park Lodge 1362 and am the chapter director of the Gulf Coast Travelers of the Freemasons Riding Club. Although I am a member of Arabia Shrine in Houston, my heart is in Blue Lodge. I really enjoy the degree work.

    I had the honor of raising my son as a MM when he was 23 and look forward to the day my youngest is old enough to be raised. I can not think of a better group of men for my kids to be associated with and have as roll models.
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    Nice story brother Dennis.
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    good to have you, this site is growing like a careless weed now.

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