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    While during my flight back from Florida to Dallas Saturday evening, my brother-in-law Clint had a major wreck involving his motorcycle and a car. The details of the wreck are still a bit cloudy at the moment because he was not conscious when he was taken to the hostpital. At present a "truck" made a left turn in front of him, and trying to avoid the truck dropped the bike throwing him into and over the truck at 45 mph.

    At present he is in ICU recovering from the surgeries Sunday to stop his bleeding. Among the numerous injuries sustained: broken left leg, shattered right ankle, shattered right collarbone (unknown foreign debris removed), mutipule fractures of the jaw-bone, & nose.

    Clint will be in ICU for at least 14 more days and will undergo surgeries to repair the ankle and leg fractures, shoulder fracture, along with having his jaw wired-shut, there will be numerous additional cosmetic repairs to his face and mouth area.

    Clint will most likely never walk normally again, but has survived his horrific wreck. YES, he was wearing a helmet at the time though not full-face and that is most likely why he is still with us today.

    PLEASE keep Clint and our families in your thoughts and prayers as we deal with Clint's recovery.
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    He and his family are in our prayers. Thanks for posting and keep us updated.
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    Sucks, and sorry to hear it. Just can't do motorcycles.:(

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