Rosicrucians and Masonry

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    Hi Brother,

    I like the perspective you provide on the question whether a Mason should consider joining AMORC or not. Personally speaking I did it the other way around. I joined Amorc in 1995 and then Masonry in 2006. I then proceeded to join The Scottish Rite in 2008. I am quite active in all three groups.
    I definitely enjoy being a member of all three. They all compliment each other very much. With Amorc you can study the lessons in the privacy of your own home. You are not required to go to a Lodge (although it is advisable as Rosicrucian Ritual is quite profound) The only time that you are required to go to Lodge is when you are ready to receive your temple degree initiations. Rest assured that the home lessons are quite enlightening and will provide much food for thought. They delve into so many interesting topics. I once heard a brother (who is both a Mason and a Rosicrucian) describe Freemasonry and AMORC as being Universities of life. I think that's a very accurate description.

    I find that Masonic Ritual (Blue Lodge) is just so meaningful in so many ways. It conveys so many messages. It puts you face to face with your inner self. The Scottish Rite does the same thing. Its beautiful rituals give you such diversified perspectives on so many topics. It all goes back to that profound Greek aphorism which stood at the entrance of a temple in Delphi which said "Know Thyself."
    Most initiatory systems provide the groundwork and tools for their initiates to do just that.

    Sincerely and Fraternal ly,

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    It might also help to look into what one considers Rosicrucianism. It started off with an anonymous manifesto claiming to go back to the middle ages with the founder living to over 100 years old. Over the years, more and more texts came out, organizations sprung up, and "members" appeared. The question of course is that given the hunger for all things mystic during the time, how much of this was actual lineage and how much was just people declaring themselves to be part of the organization. In fact, was there ever REALLY an organization to begin with or was it all a hoax? Hard to say. And with that, you get people all over the place claiming different things about the group, so it comes back to the question of what one really considers Rosicrucianism to be.
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    It is likely that the organisation did exist since the Fama Fraternitas was published just 3 years after the King James Bible introduced the rose for the first time.

    Prior to that the Rose of Sharon was commonly translated as a lily, the Hebrew word root meaning a poisonous bulb.

    Thus it seems that the KJV legitimized the Rose Croix as Christian by deliberate mistranslation.

    What power or influence would have been required to do that?
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    Sounds like the "lineage" of a fraternity we're all familiar with. ;)
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